Fish Rules

The fisheries management platform that empowers 500,000+ anglers.

Fish regulation updates made easy

Tired of out-of-date printed regulations in tackle shops? Fish Rules offers a powerful, scalable platform to manage fishing regulations. Regulations stay consistent and up-to-date across any digital property, when built on top of Fish Rules.

Timely Updates

Regulations get pushed to anglers' mobile devices and browsers in real time, ensuring they stay legal and informed in the areas they fish.

Save Time

Stop hard coding fishing regulations! No more manual management of regulations across websites, apps, and other digital media. Update once in fish management, and have all your digital assets updated, including the Fish Rules App.

Increase Reach & Compliance

  • 500,000 users and growing
  • Millions of regulation views a month
  • Hundreds of species and thousands of regulations

Opt-In to citizen science with Fish Rules and help ensure we have healthy fisheries for all.

Get others involved through citizen science partnerships.

Reach opt-in citizen scientists through notifications, micro-surveys, and more.

Anonymized data exports of regulations usage data

Explore anonymized regulation usage to better understand your fishery.

Participating citizen-scientist reports

Have your survey, collection data, and citizen science programs managed through Fish Rules.

Tagging Studies and Programs

You can use Fish Rules to tag fish for any tagging study or program. Get access to these tagged data sets.


Send micro-surveys to users based on a regulatory area and/or species


Send out important information and notices to users in a regulatory area, participating citizen science program, and more.

Use the Regulation API to power your own applications

Fish Rules' Regulation API empowers web, mobile, and any other app with the same data that powers Fish Rules App.

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Interested in Fish Rule's regulation API? Or managing regulations across all your digital properites? Use this form to get in contact and a Fish Rules staff member will get right with you.

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